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July 31 2023 0Comment
how to plan an event

The Art of Successful Event Planning: Balancing Fun and Functionality

  When learning how to plan an event, you’ll quickly realise there are a myriad of factors that come into play. Each decision you make, no matter how minute, can significantly impact the experience of your guests. Table of Contents How to plan an event: a step-by-step process Keep these event management tips in mind […]

May 31 2023 0Comment
How many portable toilets per person

How Many Portable Toilets Per Person? Balancing Comfort And Efficiency

  Let’s admit it: calculating the optimal number of portable toilets required for an event or construction site can be a bit of a head-scratcher. From event planners to construction site managers, the challenge is real, but with a clear understanding of the factors involved and some handy guidelines, this daunting task can become a […]

May 29 2023 0Comment
how do portable toilets work

How Do Portable Toilets Work? Your Comprehensive Guide

  Ever wondered to yourself, “How do portable toilets work?” You’re not alone in that. Table of Contents To the thunderbox! How does a portable toilet work? How to choose the right portable toilet solution Need help choosing the right portable toilet? The importance and utility of portable toilets cannot be overstated, but many people […]

March 25 2014 0Comment

Rental Company of the Year FINALIST!

Instant Toilets and Showers were recently nominated as a finalist in the 2014 Hire Industry Excellence Awards. Under the Rental Company of the Year category, we are extremely honoured to be one of four finalists Australia-wide. Recognising outstanding achievement and industry excellence, the Hire Industry Excellence Awards pay tribute to the exceptional standards of service […]

February 27 2014 0Comment

Fringe World’s Chosen Supplier

Were you one of the 370,000 people who visited Fringe World Festival this year? If so, you probably saw one of our Ticket Booths on display within the Pleasure Garden or the Urban Orchard. After another extremely successful festival, we we’re honoured to be the chosen supplier of ticket booths, kiosks and toilets. Every year […]

Kiosk? Canteen? Merchandising?

To keep up with the high demand, Instant Toilets & Showers has introduced a number of additional multi-purpose kiosks, canteens and merchandising suites to the hire fleet. We apologise to those of you who might have missed out over the busy festival season. We now have more stock in this range of buildings ready for […]

January 09 2014 0Comment

Faster Service: New 5,000L Service Vehicle

Earlier this week Instant Toilets & Showers’ brand new 5,000L waste tanker arrived from the USA. This unit is a perfect addition to our existing fleet, which currently comprises of several 2,000L and 11,000L service vehicles. The ease of another new waste tanker ensures our customers can continue to receive the high standard of service they […]

December 14 2013 0Comment

Five Star Standing Room Only

Cringe as you please, but our Five Star Standing Room Only Mens Urinals are the fool proof solution to prevent your male guests from taking their business to the bush. Here’s what you need to know… Originating in Europe, portable mens urinals are seen as the ideal answer to originally solving public urination issues throughout […]

November 27 2013 0Comment

Product Insight: Five Star Mini-Streamline Toilet

The Five Star Mini-Streamline Toilet Block was created to solve the needs of small commercial construction projects.  At only 2m x 1.5m in size, these unisex toilets have also been a hit with our event and function clients who were after a more conventional alternative. An advantage of this design is the unisex factor. Having […]