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How Do Portable Shower Units Work

How Do Portable Shower Units Work?

When you’re at an outdoor event or a remote worksite, having a clean shower can make all the difference. That’s where portable shower units come in. They might look a lot like those portable toilets you see everywhere, but inside, they’re all about giving you a refreshing shower.

These units are a game-changer, making it easy for people to stay clean no matter where they are. In this article, we’ll dive into what these showers are, how they work, and why they’re becoming so popular.


How The Portable Shower Has Evolved Over The Years

The birth of portable shower units traces back to the need for sanitation in places where permanent facilities were missing, such as music festivals, home renovations, or temporary work locations. The development and use of these portable showers surged during the late 20th century. Over time, improvements have been made to their design, functionality, and eco-friendliness. One notable milestone includes the integration of solar-powered heating systems, allowing for warm showers in remote places.

Today, these units not only ensure cleanliness but also offer a touch of modern comfort in the most unexpected locations.


The Design and Components of a Portable Shower

When exploring the landscape of portable shower units, it’s essential to consider the showerhead, water pressure, and the consistency of the water flow it offers. Certain models stand out in terms of design, functionality, and convenience in these areas.

Here at Instant Toilets & Showers, we pride ourselves on offering only the best portable showers. Let’s break down two standout models that we proudly stock, both of which have garnered amazing reviews from our customers!

Five Star Polyjohn Fleet Shower Cabin

Five Star Polyjohn Fleet Shower Cabin
This spacious portable shower unit prioritises user convenience. The grated floor ensures optimal drainage, channelling water through a 2″ drain port located at the unit’s rear. The internal setup boasts a precisely calibrated showerhead that ensures a steady water flow for the best showering experience. Further, the unit is equipped with a water tank ready for connection to optional external hot water sources. With a pre-fitted hand-shower rose and both cold and hot water taps, this portable shower unit offers flexibility in water temperature. Those keen on harnessing the sun for warm water can also explore options with solar-powered heaters, besides the traditional electric storage and instant heaters or gas-powered units.

Five Star Mobile Shower (Electric)Five Star Mobile Shower (Electric)

Distinctive for their ease of transportation, these mobile units are a solution for sites with access challenges, negating the need for large crane trucks for delivery. Beyond their compact nature, these units boast an array of components that set them apart:

  • A large-capacity hot water service, with options for a 50L electric tank or optional gas units.
  • Illumination is no issue with both interior and exterior lighting.
  • Their single-step design ensures users can safely and effortlessly access the shower.
  • Additional features include a body wash soap dispenser, coat hookers, and a mirror, ensuring users have all the amenities they need to enjoy their hot shower.


Setting Up and Using Portable Showers

Setting up a portable shower unit is a straightforward process, but attention to detail is crucial to ensure a seamless experience. Here’s a basic rundown:

  1. Positioning: Choose a level ground. Avoid sloping terrains which can cause uneven water distribution and potential tipping.
  2. Water Supply: Connect the unit to a water source. This could be a direct hook-up or filling up the onboard water tank. Ensure that connections are tight to prevent leaks.
  3. Waste Management: Set up a proper drainage system. Some units come with inbuilt tanks, while others require connection to an external waste tank or a drainage channel.
  4. Heating (if applicable): If the unit has a heating mechanism, connect it to the appropriate power source, be it electric, gas, or solar.

Challenges & Mistakes to Avoid:

    • Not securing connections can lead to leaks.
    • Ignoring drainage can result in overflow or pooling.
  • Positioning under direct sunlight (unless using solar heating) can make the unit uncomfortably warm.

Proper setting up of the unit will not only ensure user comfort but also prolong the lifespan of the portable shower.


Best Tips to Ensure a Maintained & Hygienic Portable Shower

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in portable shower units is paramount for user health and the longevity of the unit. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of bacteria, mould, and other undesirables. It’s advisable to:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Wipe down surfaces and the showerhead with a mild disinfectant after every few uses.
  2. Drainage Check: Ensure that drains are free from obstructions, preventing water stagnation.
  3. Water Source Inspection: Regularly check water tanks or hook-ups for any signs of contamination or algae growth.
  4. Component Review: Periodically inspect hoses, taps, and heating elements for wear or damage, replacing them as necessary.

By adhering to these best practices, one ensures a hygienic showering environment and extends the unit’s operational life.


Considerations When Purchasing or Renting

When considering a portable shower unit, evaluate its size to fit the intended space. Check water capacity to match user needs. Investigate heating mechanisms for comfort and ease of transport for accessibility. Whether for an event or personal use, these factors will ensure a satisfactory experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do portable shower units provide hot water?

Portable shower units can be equipped with various heating mechanisms, including solar-powered systems, electric storage heaters, instant electric heaters, and gas-powered units, to provide hot water.

Can portable shower units be used in remote locations?

Yes, portable shower units are designed for versatility and can be used in remote locations, offering a clean and refreshing shower experience anywhere.

What are the key considerations when setting up a portable shower unit?

Key considerations include selecting level ground for placement, ensuring a tight connection to a water source, setting up proper drainage, and connecting the heating mechanism if applicable.

How can I maintain hygiene in a portable shower unit?

Maintain hygiene by regularly cleaning surfaces and the showerhead with a mild disinfectant, ensuring drains are clear, inspecting water sources for contamination, and checking components for wear or damage.

What factors should I consider when purchasing or renting a portable shower unit?

Consider the unit’s size, water capacity, heating mechanism, and ease of transport to ensure it meets your needs, whether for an event or personal use.



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