Author: Scott Rawson

Managing Director at Instant Sea Containers

Scott Rawson is the Managing Director of Instant Products Group, a specialist group of companies that offer portable building solutions, including sea containers, transportable offices, and portable sanitation products. With more than 20 years of experience in various management positions and a finalist in the WA Business News 40 under 40 awards in 2013, Scott is a highly motivated entrepreneur that has a passion for designing products to suit the needs of individual markets.
Illuminated mobile bathroom trailer at night in a park setting

What Are The Differences In Our Six Star VIP Toilet Range?

Choosing the right amenities is crucial for the success of premium events, where toilets play a key role in guest comfort and event flow. Here at Instant Toilets & Showers, we offer a range of 6-Star VIP Toilets designed to meet the needs of any event size. Table of Contents The Significance of Selecting the […]

Mobile bathroom trailers parked in an evening setting with street lights

How Can a Luxury Portable Toilet Make Your Event Stand Out?

In corporate events and milestone celebrations, the difference between a good event and an unforgettable one often lies in the details. Among these, restroom facilities hold the power to significantly elevate guest experiences. Six Star VIP Toilets transforms a basic necessity into a luxury that impresses. Table of Contents Why Upgrade to 6-Star VIP Toilets? […]

Why a Mobile Ensuite is Essential to your Home Renovations

Why a Mobile Ensuite is Essential to your Home Renovations

Mobile ensuites are a vital part of the renovation process, providing a practical and comfortable alternative that aligns with the changing dynamics of home improvement in today’s real estate landscape.   The Challenges of Bathroom Renovations Bathroom renovations often present several challenges that can disrupt daily household routines. Some of these challenges include: Lack of […]

How the Toilet-iQ Can Streamline Planning for your Event

How the Toilet-iQ Can Streamline Planning for your Event

Planning large events and festivals involves many challenges, particularly in managing effective sanitation for big crowds.  Never before has there been a solution to providing real time feedback and post event data on what your guests needed and when they needed it. In managing these challenges, Toilet-iQ steps in as a crucial solution. Its advanced […]

Why Toilet-iQ is a Game-Changer for your Isolated Work Site

Why Toilet-iQ is a Game-Changer for your Isolated Work Site

The reality is, even in the most isolated locations, high-quality, hygienic, and comfortable toilet facilities aren’t just a wish—they’re a necessity. Without proper monitoring facilities can quickly become unusable and even worse pose an environmental issue with potential spills from overflowing waste tanks. Toilet-iQ is our answer to a multitude of challenges that toilet blocks […]

The Importance of Sanitation on Work Sites

Sanitation is a fundamental aspect of maintaining health and safety on work sites. From the spread of infectious diseases to the impact on mental well-being, the consequences of neglecting this critical area are far-reaching. Recognising the essential benefits of proper sanitation practices is key to ensuring a safe and productive work environment.   The Role […]

temporary toilet in renovation projects

The Importance of a Temporary Toilet in Renovation Projects

During construction, it’s crucial that people still have access to clean bathrooms. The implementation of a portable toilet goes beyond convenience; it’s an important component of any well-managed renovation project.   Why Do I Need a Temporary Toilet for My Home Renovation? It’s a Necessity Portable toilets are more than a convenience; they’re often a […]

portable toilets

How Do I Stop My Portable Toilet From Smelling?

  Portable toilets have become an indispensable convenience for many outdoor events, construction sites, and other temporary setups. However, despite their utility, maintaining a fresh scent in these units often poses a significant challenge. Over time, factors such as biological waste, inadequate ventilation, and infrequent cleaning can contribute to unpleasant odours that deter users. Recognising […]

How Do Portable Shower Units Work

How Do Portable Shower Units Work?

When you’re at an outdoor event or a remote worksite, having a clean shower can make all the difference. That’s where portable shower units come in. They might look a lot like those portable toilets you see everywhere, but inside, they’re all about giving you a refreshing shower. These units are a game-changer, making it […]