How long can I rent a toilet/shower for?

All our products can be hired on flexible terms. Hire for a day, a weekend or a year.

With so many options it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  Simply complete a quote request online and let us know your situation and we’ll point you in the right direction with the pricing.  We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours on the next business day.

Do your showers come with hot water?

Yes! All our mobile shower products include their own hot water service.

What do I need to run a mobile shower?

Typically, you will need;

  • water (under pressure – a tank is fine so long as it has a pump on it),
  • power (10amp)
  • and/or just LPG gas

We have a variety of products to suit many situations – some which don’t require power.  Give us a call and we’ll find the best solution for you in our range.

Can I collect a toilet or shower?

Yes! Our mobile products are towable with a car that has a tow ball fitted to it.  They were designed by us to save you money by allowing you to collect and return the product at your leisure.

Do I get toilet paper with the toilet I’m hiring?

You sure do!  But wait, you get more… We also provide you with spray hand soap in a special dispenser unit, a toilet seat disinfectant unit and even odour control – inside every toilet.  All at no extra cost to you.   We supply the unit stocked ready for your use.

What if I need someone to clean or empty the toilet?

No problem!  We manage the servicing of our toilets in house with our own team and fleet of liquid waste trucks.  We can help determine the frequency that will best suit your situation to ensure your units remain clean and operational at all times.   Whether it’s a renovation, construction site or event we can guide you to the best servicing schedule to suit you. Talk to a member of our team today.

Is there an emergency number I can reach someone on?

Our customer support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 556 241.   However, depending on your service contract we may respond on the next business day or sooner.

How many toilets would you suggest for my event?

Okay that’s a tough one.  We have a few questions to help determine your needs.  Please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss.  We certainly want to give you the right products to ensure your expectations are met.