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  • Five star disabled accessible ablution 2.8x2.4

    Five Star Disabled Accessible Ablution 2.8×2.4m

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With specialist knowledge of AS1428 and the requirements for compliant buildings, Instant Toilets and Showers are able to not just meet but exceed the required standards. Our portable, disabled accessible showers are designed for wheelchair access and ensure the users needs are met through our careful attention to detail.

Through our extensive experience with these products, we can deliver solutions for any situation. Our self-contained bathroom units are completely transportable and can be delivered anywhere across Australia. Whether you’re located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin or Perth, Instant Toilets and Showers has you covered.

No compliant building is complete without access to the unit, typically through ramps, handrails or landing systems in accordance with the standard. Instant Transportable Offices (our sister company), manufactures their own modular ramp systems that can accompany our accessible buildings. Our modular ramp systems can be quickly and easily relocated with our buildings/

At Instant Toilets and Showers, we specialise in manufacturing wheelchair accessible shower and bathroom units. Designed to operate in locations where water or sewer services may not be available, our units can store their own waste and we offer additional technology that can reduce waste generation.

As we design and manufacture all our products, we have the ability to build virtually any design with any level of finish required for your project. We can easily accommodate your needs once we understand them. Simply give a member of our team a call today and discuss your requirements.

Any of our designs can be manufactured to suit the highest cyclonic rated areas in Australia and off-shore within the Asia Pacific region. Specification changes apply to suit cyclonic areas. Ask a member of our team to assist you with your design to suit your cyclonic region.

For more information on our disabled accessible showers, speak to a member of our team today. Alternatively, you can build your own quote below!

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