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Why Our Five Star Streamline 16 Pan Toilet Block Is Perfect for Your Next Big Event

At large events, ensuring access to high-quality sanitation facilities poses a significant challenge.

With crowds numbering in the thousands, traditional solutions often fall short, leading to long queues, overcrowding, and unsatisfactory user experiences. Enter the Five Star Streamline 16 Pan Toilet Block, a revolutionary sanitation solution designed with the unique demands of big events in mind.

Boasting 16 gender-neutral cubicles and incorporating cutting-edge technology, this model represents a leap forward in event sanitation, promising comfort, efficiency, and reliability for every attendee.


Key Features of the Five Star Streamline 16-Pan Toilet Block

The Five Star Streamline 16 Pan Toilet Block stands out for its innovative design and features aimed at enhancing user experience, particularly in the context of large events. Here are some key features that define its excellence:

  • Gender Neutral Cubicles: Offers 16 individual, gender-neutral cubicles, accommodating a wide range of users with privacy and respect, and designed for high volume use.
  • Compact Design: Despite the capacity, it occupies a small footprint of only 6×2.4m, making it a practical choice for event spaces where efficiency and density are key.
  • Advanced Waste Management: Comes equipped with a 4000-litre waste tank, alternatively connectable to sewer systems, offering flexibility depending on the venue’s infrastructure.
  • Security and Accessibility: Features external security lighting and is designed with a low-to-the-ground, one-step entry, ensuring easy access for all users, including those with mobility challenges.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Incorporates low flush toilet technology, aligning with high-demand use while minimising water usage, supporting environmentally conscious event planning.
  • Queue Management: The layout and design facilitate easy queuing, enabling large crowds to enter and exit the cubicles efficiently, reducing wait times and improving overall attendee satisfaction.
  • Innovative Technology: The inclusion of Toilet-iQ allows for live monitoring of the toilet block’s status, offering insights into waste volumes, total number of users, and enabling remote control over lighting and water supply. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that the units can be managed effectively to maintain high standards of hygiene and convenience.


Introducing Toilet-iQ Technology

Gray water control module with blue and orange Toilet-iQ logo and various plumbing connections.

Toilet-iQ represents a leap forward in enhancing the efficiency and user experience of our portable toilets. This smart system seamlessly integrates into our products, offering a suite of features designed to simplify event logistics and elevate attendee comfort. From real-time monitoring of essential operational metrics to remote management capabilities, Toilet-iQ ensures that your sanitation needs are met with precision and reliability.

By harnessing the power of Toilet-iQ, event organisers can enjoy a hassle-free approach to managing sanitation facilities, ensuring that everything from waste disposal to lighting is optimised for attendee satisfaction. This innovative solution not only streamlines operations but also contributes to a more sustainable and user-friendly event environment.

Curious about the benefits Toilet-iQ brings to your event? Dive into our detailed blog for an in-depth exploration of its capabilities and advantages.


Benefits of Choosing the Five Star Streamline 16-Pan Toilet Block


Opting for the Five Star Streamline 16 Pan Toilet Block brings a host of benefits, making it a superior choice for event organisers aiming to provide exceptional sanitation facilities. Here’s why choosing this model can elevate the experience at your next big event:

  • Cost-Effectiveness:
      • Single-truck delivery for easy logistics.
      • Compact, space-saving design reduces the need for multiple units.
      • Efficiently services large volumes, minimising operational costs.
  • Enhanced User Experience:
      • Toilet-iQ for real-time monitoring.
      • Timely maintenance ensures facilities are always clean.
      • Minimises disruptions, enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • High Hygiene Standards:
      • Equipped with spray hand soap dispenser.
      • Toilet seat sanitisers for added cleanliness.
      • Odour control units maintain a pleasant environment.
  • Accessibility and Comfort:
      • Low-to-ground entry for easy access.
      • Ample space inside for comfort and mobility.
      • Designed to be inclusive, catering to most attendees.
  • Sustainability:
      • Low flush technology reduces water usage.
    • Eco-friendly approach to event planning.


Unlock Superior Sanitation Solutions for Your Event

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Ensuring your event is equipped with top-tier sanitation facilities is crucial, and our Five Star Streamline 16 Pan Toilet Block stands as the perfect solution, exceeding the expectations for such essentials.

For those planning an event and seeking an exceptional sanitation solution, our portable toilet blocks for hire are ready to surpass your expectations. Discover how we can enhance your next big event by contacting us through our website or calling us at 08 9406 6600.




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