Live Remote Monitoring

Instant Toilets & Showers have engineered artificial intelligence into our latest range of toilet blocks starting with our New Five Star Streamline 16 pan toilets. Our new Toilet iQ system delivers what we believe to be an industry first using artificial intelligence to manage key functions of the successful operation of the toilet block.

Toilet iQ has been designed to offer live monitoring of a toilet or ablution block anywhere* (providing 4G or WIFI with internet connectivity is available). With Toilet-iQ you have the ability to not only monitor the status of the waste tank but you can control how you want to be alerted (SMS/Email) and when. Alerts can be triggered at suitable points allowing enough time for servicing of waste tanks to occur, rather than finding out when it’s too late.

Unlimited alert points can be set with any number of individuals added to receive different levels of alerts.

Toilet-iQ also offers the ability to

  • Shut off the incoming water supply to stop a unit from being used
  • Turn off interior/exterior lighting
  • Lock external doors to stop people from accessing the unit

Using highly accurate data logging capabilities in our custom web based portal, you’ll be able to accurately set a servicing schedule that suits the usage pattern for each unit on your site.

Historical information on the units usage is also available.

Access to our Toilet-iQ portal is from any internet connected device via a web browser.

Instant Toilets & Showers Toilet-iQ system brings artificial intelligence into your toilet or ablution block, delivering peace of mind to Project and Site Managers by eliminating potential hazards and risks associated with with self contained units.

Self contained (tank based) toilet or ablution blocks rely on users to look out for flashing lights or alarms on traditional, outdated tank monitoring systems. Often these are ignored and the units continue to be used resulting in an environmental hazard with waste spillage occurring. This not only causes Health and Safety issues but can shut down a work site/area easily costing further time and money.


With over 20 years experience in design and manufacture of portable buildings including our well know self contained integrated toilet block designs, Instant Products Group has developed our Toilet-iQ system that delivers the latest in artificial intelligence to any of our toilet or ablution blocks.