How Our Disabled Accessible Toilets & Showers Meet Accessibility Needs

Access to toilets and showers is a basic need, yet for many people living with disabilities, it’s a challenge.

Standard facilities often don’t meet their needs due to physical barriers and lack of suitable features. Our disabled accessible toilets and showers aim to solve this problem by offering features that ensure safety, dignity, compliance, and ease of use for everyone.


Identifying the Problems

Lack of Accessibility

Traditional sanitation facilities often overlook mobility challenges, excluding those who need accessible options. This gap in design leads to significant barriers, preventing full participation in activities for individuals with disabilities.

Safety Concerns

Without proper support structures, standard toilets and showers pose a high risk of slips and falls for individuals with disabilities. Ensuring these facilities have adequate safety features is crucial to prevent accidents and promote a secure environment.

Compliance with Regulations

Meeting regulatory standards is crucial for ensuring that all facilities are fully accessible. Many existing setups fall short, overlooking the essential needs and rights of individuals with disabilities. Addressing these gaps not only avoids legal issues but importantly, it marks progress toward truly inclusive and equitable access for everyone.


Solutions Offered by Our Disabled Accessible Toilets & Showers

Enhanced Accessibility

Our disabled accessible toilets & showers are designed with features that prioritise accessibility, such as:

  • Ramps for easy entry, accommodating various mobility devices.
  • Wide doorways to allow for mobility aid and easier access.
  • Ample interior space for comfortable manoeuvrability and space for carer assistance if needed.

These features collectively ensure seamless and inclusive access, effectively addressing common barriers to entry found in standard facilities.

Improved Safety

Safety is paramount in our designs, which is why our accessibility products all contain:

  • Anti-slip flooring to significantly reduce the risk of falls.
  • Sturdy handrails provide added stability and support.

These features create a secure environment, minimising accident risks and boosting user confidence in using the facilities.

Functional Design

The design of our toilets and showers facilitates usage without the need for assistance.. This autonomy is achieved through thoughtful placement of controls and fixtures, ensuring they are within reach and operable with minimal effort, thereby respecting the dignity and self-reliance of every user.

AS1428 Compliance and Beyond

Our sanitary products are designed to comply with and exceed the standards set by AS1428.1:2021, which outlines the minimum design requirements for new building work to enable access for people with disabilities.

This includes specific measurements and features for accessible toilets and showers, such as adequate space for pan circulation, specific heights for seats and basins, and detailed requirements for grab rails and other supports.

By adhering to these standards, we ensure our facilities are not only legally compliant but also offer enhanced usability and comfort for individuals with diverse needs.

*Note: Accessible toilets are always provided in addition to the required number when toilets are needed for a public event.


What Disabled Accessible Toilets & Showers Do You Offer?

Our range includes three standout accessible sanitation solutions:

Five Star Disabled Accessible Ablution

Compact portable office unit with white walls, a blue base, and business signage.

  • Combines toilet and shower facilities in a spacious design that easily accommodates carer assistance if needed.

Five Star Disabled Accessible Toilet

Vertical image of a gray portable container with a single white door and small exterior light fixture.

  • This self-contained option offers robust safety features and convenient waste management.


Enhancing Accessibility with Instant Solutions

Instant Products Group Office

Here at Instant Toilets & Showers, we’re proud to offer top-tier solutions for everyone needing accessible sanitation. Our offerings, including portable disabled toilets for sale and disabled toilet hire, are designed to ensure inclusivity and compliance with the highest standards.

For personal assistance, please contact us through our website or call us at 08 9406 6600.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the AS1428.1?

AS 1428:1 is a standard that outlines design requirements for new building work, ensuring access for people with disabilities. It’s specified by the National Construction Code (NCC) and Disability (Access to Premises—Buildings) Standards, aiming to facilitate accessibility in new constructions.

Can accessible toilets and showers be used by everyone, or only by individuals with disabilities?

Yes, everyone can use them. Accessible toilets and showers are primarily designed for those with disabilities but follow universal design principles, making them suitable and convenient for all users.

How do I maintain hygiene in a disabled accessible toilet?

Our accessible toilets come equipped with hand soap dispensers, toilet seat sanitiser, and odour control units to maintain high hygiene standards.




Managing Director at Instant Sea Containers

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