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temporary toilet in renovation projects

The Importance of a Temporary Toilet in Renovation Projects

During construction, it’s crucial that people still have access to clean bathrooms. The implementation of a portable toilet goes beyond convenience; it’s an important component of any well-managed renovation project.


Why Do I Need a Temporary Toilet for My Home Renovation?

It’s a Necessity

Portable toilets are more than a convenience; they’re often a necessity, especially when main bathrooms are being renovated. When the primary toilet in a home isn’t available, a portable toilet serves as a practical stand-in, ensuring that your daily routines continue uninterrupted while your house is being renovated.


Convenience for Workers and Residents

When renovations are underway the presence of a temporary toilet significantly enhances the site’s efficiency.

For workers, not having to leave the construction site to find restroom facilities saves time and reduces disruptions, allowing them to stay focused and productive. A well-thought-out approach to meeting basic needs can result in a more motivated workforce and a smoother renovation process.

For residents who remain at home during renovations, a portable toilet (or portable shower if the shower is being renovated) offers a sense of normalcy and privacy. It ensures that their personal living space isn’t invaded by the construction crew’s needs, providing a separate and clean space for restroom use. This can greatly reduce the stress of living in a construction zone and help maintain a comfortable living environment.


Ensuring your Project is Complying with Regulations

In many areas, including Western Australia, local regulations stipulate the provision of temporary sanitation facilities on construction and renovation sites. These laws are designed to protect the health and safety of both workers and residents. Non-compliance can result in legal repercussions and potentially halt the project. Homeowners and contractors must be aware of these regulations to ensure that their renovation projects proceed without legal interruptions.

Typically, the renovation company hired to work on your home will supply a portable toilet, as it falls under their responsibility. Keep in mind that this service is often accounted for as an additional cost in the project budget.


Cost Savings in the Long-Term

One of the immediate benefits of a portable toilet is the financial savings from not having to relocate to a hotel. The cost of alternative accommodation, especially over extended periods, can quickly accumulate.


Should I Buy or Hire a Portable Toilet for my Renovation Project?

buy or hire a portable toilet for renovation project

Renting a Portable Toilet:

  • Convenience: Renting a portable toilet with Instant Toilets & Showers includes delivery, maintenance, and servicing, which is all handled by us. This allows you to focus your efforts on your renovations and less on the logistics of sanitation.
  • Cost-Effective for Short-Term: For renovations expected to last for a few weeks to a few months, renting can be more cost-effective as it avoids a large upfront investment.
  • Flexibility: Our rental agreements offer flexibility—you can extend or shorten the rental period based on the project’s timeline and only pay for the time you use.

Buying a Portable Toilet:

  • Long-Term Savings: If you’re undertaking a lengthy renovation or multiple projects over time, purchasing may save money in the long run.
  • Ownership Flexibility: Owning a portable toilet gives you the freedom to use it as you see fit without the constraints of rental agreements. You can modify your unit to suit changing needs over time.
  • Asset Ownership: The toilet becomes an asset that you can potentially resell or reuse for future projects.
  • Storage and Maintenance: Owning a portable toilet requires you to handle maintenance and find storage for the unit when not in use.


How Do I Maintain Sanitation and Hygiene with a Portable Toilet?

Preventing Contamination Through Strategic Placement of the Portable Toilet

Integrating a portable toilet safeguards the living space and construction area from potential waste-related pollutants. By channelling all sanitation needs away from the home to a temporary facility, homeowners effectively reduce the risk of unsanitary conditions that could affect both the household and the construction team.


Let Instant Toilets & Showers Handle Your Hygiene Needs

In response to the need for cleanliness and convenience during home renovations, we’re your go-to experts for portable toilet hire and purchase.

We offer an extensive selection of portable toilets to meet various needs, from basic models to units featuring extra amenities for enhanced comfort.

Our comprehensive service includes delivery of the portable unit to your location and regular waste pumping to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. For those who prefer to manage transportation independently, we offer the option for you to pick up the portable units with a tow ball.


Optimise your Home Renovations with a Portable Toilet

optimise your home renovations with a portable toilet

The role of portable toilet units in home renovations cannot be overstated. They’re crucial for maintaining sanitation, providing convenience, and complying with legal standards. As you plan your next renovation, consider the logistical ease and hygiene benefits that come with a portable toilet solution.

At Instant Toilets & Showers, we understand these needs and offer a range of portable toilets for both hire and purchase to suit any renovation project size or duration. Explore our options and find the right fit for your project. Whether you’re looking for a portable toilet for hire or interested in a portable toilet for sale, we’re here to support your sanitation needs with a variety of high-quality and reliable solutions.

For those looking to enhance their home renovation project with a practical sanitation solution, consider a portable toilet from Instant Toilets & Showers. Whether you’re looking to buy a portable toilet or explore portable toilets for sale, we offer a variety of high-quality and reliable options. Visit us at 18 Rogers Way, Landsdale WA 6065 or call us at 08 6325 4076 for 24/7 customer support.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I rent a portable toilet for my renovation project?

Rental periods are flexible. You can rent a portable toilet for as short as a few weeks to several months, depending on the duration of your renovation project.

Is it more cost-effective to buy or rent a portable toilet for a renovation project?

Renting is generally more cost-effective for short-term projects, while buying may save money in the long run for lengthy renovations or multiple projects.

How do I maintain hygiene with a rented portable toilet?

Our service includes regular waste pumping and maintenance to ensure a clean and hygienic environment throughout your rental period.

Can I customise the portable toilet I purchase?

Yes, owning a portable toilet allows you the flexibility to modify your unit to suit changing needs over time.

Are there regulations I should be aware of when installing a portable toilet on my renovation site?

Yes, local regulations often require the provision of temporary sanitation facilities on construction and renovation sites to protect health and safety. It’s important to comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues.




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