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How Do I Stop My Portable Toilet From Smelling?


Portable toilets have become an indispensable convenience for many outdoor events, construction sites, and other temporary setups.

However, despite their utility, maintaining a fresh scent in these units often poses a significant challenge. Over time, factors such as biological waste, inadequate ventilation, and infrequent cleaning can contribute to unpleasant odours that deter users. Recognising these common issues is the first step towards addressing them.

With nearly two decades of expertise in portable toilets and bulk waste removal in Western Australia, we’re going to share some of our tips on how to identify the root causes of these odours and how to effectively counteract them.


Understanding the Cause of Odour

Odour issues in portable toilets can be particularly unpleasant, but pinpointing the root causes is essential for effective resolution. One primary culprit is the natural decomposition of biological waste, which releases gases responsible for the unpleasant smell. This process can be amplified by a lack of proper ventilation, trapping these odours within the confined space.

Additionally, infrequent cleaning and maintenance can allow waste residues to accumulate, intensifying the stench over time. Also, it should be noted that not all cleaning and deodorising products are created equal. Opting for inferior or mismatched products can sometimes do more harm than good, failing to neutralise odours or even contributing to them. By understanding these key factors, one can make informed decisions on the best method to tackle and prevent these odour challenges.


The Essential Role of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

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A fresh-smelling portable toilet hinges significantly on regular cleaning and diligent maintenance. Adhering to consistent cleaning schedules ensures waste doesn’t linger and accumulate, which can rapidly intensify odour issues. Infrequent or irregular cleaning not only allows unpleasant scents to permeate but can also foster bacterial growth, posing additional health concerns. While individual efforts can make a difference, there’s an undeniable edge in seeking professional expertise.

Professional cleaning services are equipped with the right tools, chemicals, and know-how to ensure a deep and efficient cleanse, addressing every issue. With Instant Toilets & Showers, we offer hassle-free and thorough portable toilet cleaning services for all of our portable toilet hires to ensure that your toilets remain fresh and clean.

However, for those who want to clean their own toilets, keep reading to see which products work best.


Quick Tips & Tricks to Minimise Odours in Portable Toilets

Give Your Portable Toilet Proper Ventilation

The essence of a fresh portable toilet often lies in its ability to breathe. Proper ventilation plays a pivotal role, allowing bad smells to dissipate and facilitating the influx of fresh air. Without this, odours become trapped, quickly overpowering the confined space.

To maximise natural airflow, strategic placement is key. Position your portable toilet in areas with open surroundings, away from obstructions like walls or dense vegetation. This ensures that prevailing winds can sweep through the vents effectively. Remember, a well-ventilated portable toilet doesn’t just smell better; it offers a more comfortable and pleasant experience for users.

Remember to Close the Toilet Seat

It’s essential to ensure the toilet seat is down in a porta potty after using. A closed toilet seat directs the holding tank’s fumes towards the ventilation tube, ensuring they’re properly expelled. Conversely, an uplifted seat can trap these odours inside the portable toilet, culminating in an unpleasant odour for the next user.

Monitor the Waste Tank’s Capacity

An overfilled tank can exacerbate odour issues and lead to potential spills. We strongly recommend routinely emptying the tank regularly to ensure the odours don’t linger and multiply.


Choosing the Right Deodorising Products

In the realm of portable sanitation solutions, WALEX Chemicals stands out from the rest. As a dependable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting sanitation solution, we’ve stood by their products for years, witnessing first hand their commitment to quality and innovation.

In terms of portable toilet chemicals that’ll effectively deodorise and clean your toilet, here are our personal picks.

WALEX Bio-Pak®


  • Function: Enzyme-based drop-in packet that manages odours and decomposes waste and paper.
  • Eco-friendly: Eliminates the need for special RV toilet paper and complies with emerging environmental legislation.
  • Mechanism: Enzyme holding tank treatments accelerate the breakdown of organic materials in waste, neutralising foul odours and assisting in the digestion of paper and waste.
  • Benefits: Rapidly breaks down tissue in just 24 hours, keeping sensors clear, lubricating valves, preventing odours, and ensuring septic system safety.


WALEX Exodor® Deodorant Discs

WALEX Exodor Deodorant Discs

  • Function: Powered by essential oils that react with odour molecules to form odourless compounds, rather than merely masking smells.
  • Versatility: Although this product is for portable toilets, it can also be used for bathrooms, cars, boats, RVs, or homes.
  • Duration: Offers odour elimination for up to 30 days.


WALEX Porta-Pak®


  • Function: As the industry’s top-selling drop-in holding tank deodoriser, the Porta-Pak offers week-long odour control suitable for all climates and conditions. It’s formulated for the rapid breakdown of paper and waste.
  • Eco-Friendly: The product is biodegradable and features a non-staining EVERBLUE colour.
  • Ease of Use: Simply drop a single Porta-Pak into the holding tank and add water. It offers a convenient and mess-free solution.


WALEX Porta-Tab®

WALEX Porta Tab

  • Function: Designed to rapidly control odours in portable toilets and waste tanks.
  • Mechanism: Utilises specially formulated chemicals powered by WALEX WAVE 2 Technology™ that quickly dissolves in fresh water inside the portable toilet waste tank.
  • Ease of Use: As simple as dropping one tablet into the portable toilet waste tank through the toilet bowl and then flushing or adding water. It’s portion-controlled, ensuring no mess and no fuss.


Your Path to Odour-Free Portable Toilets

To maintain a fresh and inviting portable toilet, understanding the nuances of odour control becomes paramount. While regular cleaning, proper ventilation, and strategic placement play crucial roles, the right products can elevate the overall hygiene and aroma of your portable facility.

If you’re keen on ensuring an optimal sanitation experience, we invite you to explore the range of WALEX products for sale. For a comprehensive sanitation solution, don’t hesitate to discover what Instant Toilets & Showers has to offer.

For those in need of high-quality portable sanitation solutions, Instant Toilets & Showers offers a wide range of portable toilets for sale. Whether you’re looking to buy a portable toilet for your next event or construction site, we provide top-notch products and services to ensure your needs are met. Visit us at 18 Rogers Way, Landsdale WA 6065 or contact us at 08 6325 4076 for 24/7 customer support.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent my portable toilet from smelling?

Prevent odours by ensuring regular cleaning and maintenance, using the right deodorising products, providing proper ventilation, and monitoring the waste tank’s capacity to avoid overfilling.

What causes bad odours in portable toilets?

Bad odours in portable toilets are primarily caused by the decomposition of biological waste, inadequate ventilation, and infrequent cleaning, which allows waste residues to accumulate.

How often should a portable toilet be cleaned to prevent odours?

Portable toilets should be cleaned regularly, with the frequency depending on usage levels. High-traffic units may require daily cleaning, while less frequently used units might be serviced weekly.

Can I use any cleaning product in my portable toilet?

Not all cleaning products are suitable for portable toilets. It’s important to use products specifically designed for portable sanitation, such as enzyme-based deodorisers and biodegradable chemicals that effectively neutralise odours and break down waste.

Is ventilation important for portable toilets?

Yes, proper ventilation is crucial for preventing odours in portable toilets. It allows bad smells to dissipate and fresh air to circulate, making the unit more comfortable for users.



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