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Five Star Standing Room Only

Cringe as you please, but our Five Star Standing Room Only Mens Urinals are the fool proof solution to prevent your male guests from taking their business to the bush.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Originating in Europe, portable mens urinals are seen as the ideal answer to originally solving public urination issues throughout major cities.
  • Service thousands of men quickly and with minimal space requirements.
  • Each SRO features 4 urinals positions with the option of a spring-loaded door to provide privacy to the user.
  • Waterless urinal system –

If you’d like to provide further privacy to your guests, a popular solution is to surround the units with black-out mesh, creating a male toilet compound for minimal expense.

Time to factor our Five Star Standing Room Only Mens Urinals into your next event… remember, the more time people spend queuing for toilets the less time they can spend buying drinks at the bar!


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