Five Star Streamline 16 pan Toilet Block (Model 6016)

Our new Five Star Mobile event toilets continue to provide amazing features at a low cost and feature new LED lighting ideal for evening events. Our LED lighting system provides light both outside the toilet for safe access and inside for ease of use at night time events.

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Never before has there been a toilet block so advanced as our new Streamline 16 pan toilet.    The newest model in our extensive fleet of products our Five Star Streamline toilet block is designed for the heaviest of use in large event situations.


Each Five Star Streamline toilet block features 16 individual gender neutral cubicles designed for high volume use.


Five Star Streamline toilets occupy a small foot print of only 6×2.4m. Easy one truck delivery for 16 toilets makes these a cost effective option for many situations.

Five Star Streamline toilet features:

  • 16 gender neutral toilets
  • Easy access into each cubicle from the outside of the building
  • 4000 litre waste tank (or sewer connectable)
  • Security lighting externally
  • Low to the ground, 1 step easy access
  • Low flush toilet technology for high demand use
  • Space saving design, small overall foot print
  • Easy queueing for large crowds to enter the cubicles

Toilet-iQ Self-monitoring 24×7 Technology
is now included in our latest generation of Five Star Streamline toilet blocks.  Toilet-iQ monitors the status of the toilet block live with our operations team providing valuable insights into the use of the unit such as

  • Waste Volumes / tank capacity
  • Total number of users per minute/hour/day
  • Remote control access to lighting control
  • Remote control access to water supply

Allowing us to effectively manage the units and schedule waste removal services in an efficient manner.    We also have the ability to remotely shut down a toilet block should there be any issues onsite.

Your Five Star Streamline toilets will also come stocked ready for use with our:

  • Spray hand soap dispensers
  • Toilet seat sanitizers
  • Odour control units
  • High Volume Toilet paper dispensers

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Length: 6250mm
Width: 2260mm
Height: 2690mm
Waste Tank Capacity: 4000L
Fresh Water Tank Capacity: NA
Colour: NA
Design Wind / Terrain Category: A2