Five Star Streamline Toilet 16pan

Instant Toilets Five Star Streamline toilets are designed for high demand use or applications where a large amount of toilets are required. Each Five Star Streamline toilet features 16 unisex self contained toilet cubicles.

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Five Star Streamline toilets occupy a small foot print of only 6×2.4m. Easy one truck delivery for 16 toilets makes these a cost effective option for many applications.

Streamline toilets are:

  • 16 unisex toilets, allowing you to control the ratio of male/female toilets
  • Easy access into each cubicle from the outside of the building
  • 4000 litre waste tank (or sewer connectable)
  • Security lighting externally
  • Low to the ground, 1 step easy access
  • Low flush toilet technology for high demand use
  • Space saving design, small overall foot print
  • Easy queueing for large crowds to enter the cubicles

Your Five Star Streamline toilets will also come stocked ready for use with our:

  • Spray hand soap dispensers
  • Toilet seat sanitizers
  • Odour control units
  • High Volume Toilet paper dispensers

Floor Plan


Width  6000mm
Length  2400mm
Height  2900mm

Minimum Requirements

240V power for Lighting
Mains pressure water