Five Star Duo Toilet & Shower

Instant Toilets & Showers Five Star Duo Toilet and shower units are designed to provide temporary toilet and shower facilities at an affordable price.

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These Five Star Mobile ensuite units are ideal for:

  • Home renovations
  • Sporting Events
  • Construction / Work sites
  • Emergency situations

These mobile units are easy to tow and transport solving the access problems of other units which need to be delivered by large crane trucks. The Five Star DUO toilet & Shower unit is compact and has an outstanding list of features not found in other units. These units are excellent value for money, call us for pricing today.

Some of the outstanding features of these units are:

  • Large capacity hot water service (50 Litre electric)
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Single step design for safe easy access
  • Coat hooks
  • Mirror

Your Five Star Duo Toilet & Shower  will also come stocked ready for use with our:

  • Spray hand soap dispenser
  • Toilet seat sanitizer
  • Odour control unit
  • Toilet paper


Width 2390mm
Length 3900mm
Height 2500mm

Minimum Requirements

240V Mains Power for the HWS and Lighting.
Mains pressure water supply