Polyjohn Bravo Handwashing Station

The Polyjohn Bravo hand washing station has two large sink basins for washing hands and arms up to the elbow.

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This unit will fit inside most portable toilets for easy transport. It has a Fresh water tank capacity of 79 litres and a grey water capacity of 82 litres.

• Convenient sight levels are built in for the fresh water tank.
• Built-in lifting handles.
• Two soap dispensers are included.
• Paper Towel dispensers
• Pump capacity of 59 ml per stroke
• Sealed fresh water tank with 3” (76 mm) threaded cap for maximum hygiene.
• Tie-down hook for anti-theft purposes.


Width  540mm
Length  670mm
Height  1570mm

Minimum Requirements

This is a self-contained unit that stores its own water for hand washing and stores its own grey water for disposal.