Five Star Handyman HOT water hand wash station

The Handyman is ideal for low risk food service operations such as Farmers Markets, Mobile Caterers, and Coffee Carts etc. Simply fill it with water, plug it into power and the unit will heat to the standard 40/45 degrees for hand washing and maintain it at that temperature throughout the day.

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Another new addition to our hand washing product range, this HOT water hand washing station provides the ultimate in highly portable, self contained hand washing facilities. Designed to comply with health department regulations these units are ideal for catering companies, food vendors, pop up bars, expos or VIP events.

When you’re done at the end of the day, simply close the foldable basin, and dispose of water. A highly compact unit that can be easily transported virtually anywhere.

These units are available for short or long term hire.


  • Completely self-contained, retaining all waste water.
  • Includes carrying handle, can be fixed to a wall/cabinet or can stand on a flat surface/table.
  • 240v 10amp power required


Width  300mm
Length  325mm
Height  325mm

Minimum Requirements

240v (10amp) power supply

Additional  fresh water may be required depending on the volume of use.